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Royce Grey
Royce GreyRocks on  The Sensual M
He's a desperate sub who's never had a domme  She's vanilla and has no idea what's being asked of her.  Watch as they navigate expectations, work, negotiations, jealousy, fairly obvious metaphores, bad doms, friendship groups, second jobs, misdelivered mail and stray dogs.

I've only been through on "Season" of the story, but it is very good.   There seems to be a tendency so far to expalin interest in BDSM as a result of a difficult past, but it still seems overall kink-positive.  The charactors can be over-enthsiastic, or demanding or jealous but it comes with costs.  The overall premis is played for humor and fankly delightful.  The farcical elements are fun and the humanity of the characters, even the jerks, has not been forgotten.  I'm truely looking forward to reading the rest of the, what is it, 100 chapters left?  Wow.  SO much goodness.
joe7jRocks on  Damn Reincarnation (manhwa)
Great Manga!
YzaRocks on  Raise no Kimi ni Kuchizuke
Definitely worth reading 🥰
AlexRocks on  Tensei Pandemic
great manga.
It gives u something to laugh about, but also sth. ecchi

dont be ho***
♡MASTER♡Rocks on  Love Is An Illusion
Hi guys, Nowadays, I am seeing a lot of hateful comments on this manga. I think only shi*** people make comments like this, like, "Yes, there are violent and toxic characters, but when you see the character Byul, your heart will melt, and you will definitely say that this is the best manga." If you don't believe me, read this manga. There are som many parts are there which you will enjoy in the manga. If you want something perfect you want to wait that's why in this manga there will be lot of good things will happen i you read this manga you know
Kietsuki96Rocks on  Xiu Zhen Nai Ba
Cute couple
Nice story
Simply A
Simply ARocks on  Over the Moon
if you must read, start from chapter 6... Believe me.
It must be a mistake bcos the chapters before don't belong to the same story lah.... 
ok back to chapter 6 onwards, the storyline is interesting, handsome characters and great seggs scenes... Cute ml together and they really are a great couple... Waiting for updates.. 
Ganbate Author 💪✌️
Deleted_realRocks on  Private Love My Actor
Tsukasa Hirayama works as a voice-over actor, primarily in anime. One day, his manager tells him he has signed Tsukasa up for a live-action movie, and he is to co-star with Kentaro Fujisawa, a handsome, popular actor. Tsukasa has admired Kentaro since he debuted as a child prodigy. His fantasies about being with Kentaro become a reality when the two were instructed to video chat to break the ice, ahead of the movie they’ll be filming together!! After confessing his adoration for Kentaro, Tsukasa is convinced he’s creeped him out. However, much to Tsukasa’s surprise, Kentaro is flattered and interested in getting to know Tsukasa more. A love story between two on-screen and off-screen actors.

I don't know why this never has summary given so here if you wanted it. 

And Def recommend
Deleted_realRocks on  Mato no Hoshikuzu
It has a pretty good plot 
Definitely recommend 
Suicidal IntrovertMeh on  Similar Terms
weird. weird. weird.