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Kemono no SoujaChapter 6.4

Centered around a girl who can control the greatest of beasts as if she was playing a musical instrument. However, she gets embroiled in a war for supremacy between kingdoms.

While I’m Back in Time, I’ll Get My RevengeChapter 62

While I'm Back in Time, I'll Get My Revenge manhwa, , Now That I'm Back I'll Get My RevengMost people would consider getting a second chance at life a blessing, but Arnell Radfell is furious when she wakes up to find herself back in the past. Terr

The Royal Prince's First LoveChapter 129
DramaRomanceShounen aiYaoi

.In order to consolidate the status of the royal prince, he launched an offensive in pursuit of a plutocratic daughter, but soon he suffered the first critical hit in his life. The campus bully had declared that his daughter was a friend that he want

F-Class Destiny HunterChapter 51

many more!]In a world where destiny decides the ability one awakens, Seo Gangrim is born with the worst destiny.He awakened as a hunter, but he was the very bottom of the bottom.One day, he is ambushed[Power Destiny Stealing' is being activated. You

Eternal Force (The Breaker 3)Chapter 88

The beginning of the legendary Modern day Martial Arts. Haje was agonizing on the rooftop whether he wanted to die or not due to being constantly bullied. In front of him, a senior named Siwoon appears then pushes Haje off the roof?! Yet when Haje op

The Eternal SupremeChapter 250
ActionComedyMartial arts

One of the Conferred Martial Emperors, Gu Feiyang, passed away in the Tiandang Mountains and was reincarnated 15 years later as Li Yunxiao of the State of Tianshui, embarking on a heaven-defying journey against the innumerable geniuses of the time. T

The Newbie is Too StrongChapter 85

The Newbie is Too Strong manhwa, JaeJu (which means "skill" in Korean) grew up without parents in an orphanage skillfully, just like his name suggests. One day, he heard that the orphanage was having a hard time and would have to close in 3 years. Wh

Regression of the Shattering SwordChapter 1
ActionMartial arts

The ability to perfectly copy martial arts, Superior Interior Power!Qin Tianlang, who was branded as the "World's Greatest Killer," met a miserable death because of this ability.When he woke up, he had possessed the body of his son, Nam Gungcheon, wh

Magician of the Abyss  I was imprisoned as a traitor, but I obtained an immortal body and the strongest power to rise as an adventurerChapter 7-1HOT

A magician of justice will change the rotten world!Wim Abel, a court magician of the Cyrus Empire, is falsely accused of being a traitor by the upper echelons of the empire who fear his great power, and is trapped in a dungeon with a strong barrier t

The Story of an Exploration Hero Who Has Worked His Way up From Common PeopleChapter 11

Takagi Kaito, a low status high schooler, your typical Mob character so to say, was just a normal everyday explorer who hunted slimes every day in the dungeons that appeared in Japan, earning pocket money while admiring his childhood friend, the clas

The Last Human ( Moshi Fanren )Chapter 556

Kamisama Gakkou no OchikoboreChapter 1

Modern Japan, a very ordinary and ordinary world. But it's a little different.Gods exists in this world.One day, Nagi, who is about to enter high school, suddenly receives a letter of acceptance from the "G**'s School" where people with supernatural

When A Saint Who Lost Her Virginitiy Touches LoveChapter 25

Leria, a girl around 12 years old awakened the power of a saint whom duty is to protect the country. When she got her power, from a poor viscount house, she turns up to a royal palace. To save people, she prays wholeheartedly everyday, and receives p

Standard of ReincarnationChapter 80
ActionMartial arts

Standard of Reincarnation manhwa, The greatest martial family, Samion. Dayven, a member of the Samion family, is a one-armed martial soldier without a right arm. Despite the ridicule and contempt he got for only having a left arm, he surpassed the di

My Disciples Are All Big VillainsChapter 165

Read My Disciples Are All Big Villains Lu Zhou woke up and became the world's most powerful demonic patriarch, along with nine evil disciples who shocked the world. The first disciple has tens of thousands of demons under his command, and the second

I Have A Mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic WorldChapter 584


Gal ni Yasashii Otaku-kunChapter 2-2

Gal ni Yasashii Otaku-kunGal ni Yasashii Otaku-kun at mangabuddy.com

My Apprentice Is Actually the EmpressChapter 41

My Apprentice Is Actually the Empress Qin Tian, the most useless peak master in the sect, becomes entangled with An Miaoling, who is the reincarnation of the female emperor, during a disciple recruitment event. However, soon after An Miaoling joins

Monsters Die If They Are KilledChapter 30

Su Zhou, who was born with exceptional physical attributes, encountered an evil cult during an oversea expedition with his childhood friend. In an attempt to rescue his childhood friend, he went into the enemy's base alone. On the brink of death, he

I Became the Wife of the Male LeadChapter 94HOT

I possessed the body of "Fiona," the final villainess whose soul was sentenced to eternal suffering after her gruesome demise at the hands of the world's hero.She was tortured by her own family just because she was an illegitimate child.And so arrivi

The King's AvatarChapter 123

In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu, is well known as the Textbook level expert and a top-tier player. Due to a series of circumstances, he was forcefully expelled out of his professional team. After leaving the pro gaming scene, he resides

Academy’s Undercover ProfessorChapter 76

I wasn't reborn with talent or ability, but at least my knowledge from earth allowed me to stay one step ahead in this other world.Magic exists here, and new progress was rapidly being made in science while magic stagnated in the name of tradition. U

Return of the Bloodthirsty PoliceChapter 39

After being betrayed and killed by the organization he worked at, the infamous assassin Bi-Gwang' reincarnates as Kim Gyeongsoo', a police officer. He vows to take revenge on Hwaguksa', the organization of killers that has betrayed him.

Channeling UrgesChapter 29

not found...

Cheat Skill Chapter 30

Licht, a young man who has the special ability, "Resurrection," makes his living as a member of an S-Rank Adventurer's Party. However, the king, who feared his power, ordered his comrades to betray him, and in the end, executed him in an unfair manne

Becoming A Sword Deity By Expanding My Sword DomainChapter 110HOT
ActionMartial arts

Zhang Fan transmigrated to the world of cultivation and immortals, but he was framed and lost his cultivation. When he was facing death, the system appeared, and all the gods, immortals and demon emperors were nothing but dogs and crap in his domain.

Semen Extraction Ward (All-Ages Version)Chapter 8

Yamada was hospitalized after breaking both hands, to make things worse, due to a unknown condition he has to ejac***** every three hours. The ward is full of evil nurses. Will Yamada be able to live and be discharged from the hospital?TLDR: Guy has

Seoul Station’s NecromancerChapter 112

[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station's 1st Exit.]"What is this?"A necromancer had returned to earth after 20 years, and the subway station No, it had become a dungeon.Bow down to the majesty of this one man army as I begin to seize the wo

Kami-sama Gakkou no OchikoboreChapter 1

Modern Japan, a very ordinary world. But it's a little different. Gods exists in this world.One day, Nagi, who is about to enter high school, suddenly receives a letter of acceptance from the "Gods' School" where people with supernatural powers gathe

Haraguro Onzoushi wa Tsuma wo Asera shite Nakasetai  Keiyaku Kekkon wa Amai WanaChapter 2

"It's okay to do as I please, right, dear wife?" With his hot fingertips and sticky tongue he teases my weak spots sweetly as I come again and again This man whose thoughts I can't read turns into a "mean husband" only when he wants to tantalize me "

Bite marks and FluoriteChapter 3HOT

Yo, who is about to be attacked for his sweet blood, decides to seek refuge with Akito, who is one of the most powerful vampires in the city. After being bitten by a vampire, now Yo worries about his sense of humanity, decides to live as a normal che

My Second HusbandChapter 75

Eunha Lee is a smart, successful lawyer who has life figured outthat is, until she loses both her parents in a tragic accident and divorces her husband, Taeyang, a famous actor, who she discovers has been cheating on her. Things take a turn for the s

What kind of rubbish are you cultivating?Chapter 25
WebtoonsYaoiMartial arts

not found...

Flying HighChapter 37

'Jeong Hyuk' prioritizes his part-time job that he starts tomorrow over love.From his tuition to his living expenses... Jeong Hyuk, to whom love is a luxury, also had a first love he couldn't forget. He met her, whom he thought he'd never see again,

Between us (Noru)Chapter 95

Wujoo basically has two parental figures in his life. His real father of course, and Inha- his best friend of 18 years who's even more invested in his personal affairs the average parent. Wooju is desperate to get Inha something special for his birth

She Became A Billionaire After DivorceChapter 23

In order to marry Fu Yechuan, Su Nan gave up her right to inherit a wealthy family incognito, but was regarded as a gold digger, bullied by her mother-in-law, ignored by her husband, and repeatedly criticized by Bai Lianhua Frustrated and divorced, h

When the Magpie ComesChapter 19

not found...

Wail Of WeaknessChapter 21

Ananta, a barbaric warrior cursed by a demon g**. In order to punish the incarnation of the wings, who turned his fate into a tragedy, he endlessly feasts on demon gods in a story of blood, sweat, flesh, and bones that yearns for revenge.Wail Of Weak

Daddy President Is Too Hard To Deal WithChapter 110

Rumor has it that the president of the Xi group is weird, unpredictable, insidious and mean of doing things but he spoils her to the maximum. Assistant: "Sir, Madam's hospital has been smashed." "Where is madam?" "Madam is about to cripple someone ."

The Saintess Returns To The EmperorChapter 3

Read manhwa The Saintess Returns To The Emperor / The Saintess Returned to the Emperor's Arms / The Saintess Returned to the Emperor's Bosom / The Saintess Returned to the Emperor's Embrace / / After being betrayed by her lover, Riella decides to

Demon Magic Emperor – season 2Chapter 478
ActionMartial arts

at Zhuo Yifanwas a Magic Emperor or could be called a Demon Emperor because he had an ancient Emperor's book called the Book of the Nine Secrets, he was targeted by all the experts and he was even betrayed and killed by his student. Then his soul ent

Chasing LiliesChapter 41

Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "Chasing Lilies"Summary:Hwa-won knows better than to pick things off the street, even if it is just an innocent-looking USB. In an effort to fi

1/24 RomanceChapter 172

Promoted at the speed of light, the star of JK Electronics, the ultimate career woman, yet always forever alone Cha Ju An!Kind, honest, full of vitality, and with the looks and physique to rival a model, yet bumbling fool Yoo Do Jin!With such differe

No Arguing With Mr. MoChapter 79
ComedyDramaRomanceShounen ai

No Arguing With Mr. Mo manga read online on mangabuddy.meMale Secretary's Missions / Nan Mishu De Shiming / Nn Msh De Shmng / Xiao Nuo, better known as Secretary Xiao, is the dedicated and hardworking secretary of Mo Yanchuan. Mo Yanchuan, better kno

Unaware His Majesty Is a GirlChapter 6

The new emperor, Qi Nian, acceded to the throne many years ago. He kept refusing the requests by his officials to choose a consort, brushing them off by saying "the affairs of state are important, and I am busy with my work". But Qi Nian finally rele

The Empress of AshesChapter 48

Ailec, who had become Emperor for the sake of his wife, Aprosa. However, he had met his end in the burning palace, unable to protect her. Where did all go wrong? Everything was for you.' Having gone back in time, he is determined to make a new world

Kill My MotherChapter 6

An unpredictable suspense story about a girl and boy who have a twisted love

Di Qiu Di Yi JianChapter 179
ActionMartial arts

The First Sword Of EarthWang Sheng was unexpectedly reborn to the night before the sudden increase in spiritual energy on earth."I am not going to be mediocre and looked down on by others like in my previous life." And so, he decided to go to Wudang

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