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Villager A Wants to Save the Villainess no Matter What!Chapter 15

Allen, an eight-year-old boy from a poor family in the royal capital, is living a poor but happy life together with his mother. One day, however, memories of his previous life suddenly come back to him and he remembers that he is in an dating sim gam

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal EmperorChapter 190HOT
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or trans

Beipo Chengwei Fanpai ZhuixuChapter 461

I was judged by Lord Yama in he** because I gave a hasty bad ending to my novel he loves and stopped updating it. As a result, I was sent to the world of my novel as a villain and the matrilocal husband of the infanta. However, the life of going agai

Perfect MineNotice. : Daeva is officially closed!

A twisted school romance of someone who can "truly be mine" and love me to death.

The Strongest Banished Saintess Wants to Have a Slow Life in the City!Chapter 7

Lina, a healer with a magical power called "Saint," is one day suddenly exiled from her childhood friend's party of heroes! Lina is shocked by the unreasonable expulsion, but she quickly forgets about them and decides to live the slow-life she longed

Film Emperors’ ApartmentChapter 118
RomanceShounen aiWebtoonYaoi

A sex scene that led to a tragedy. Because of a sex scene, a bright and simple young man (Shen Che), became entangled with the arrogant and two-faced iceberg and campus beau (Qin Xiu), who is sharp-tongued, mercurial, and unreasonable. Thus begins th

Otome Game No Mobu Desura NaindagaChapter 21.3

Guy reincarnates into the gardening apprentice who works for the rival character of the heroine of an otome game.He doesn't care and just wants to be a gardener.

Love Thy NeighborChapter 27

Pah Doyeon, a college student living in an old apartment building, gets used to the thugs coming to her neighbour's door every day. One day, when she sees the thugs trying to break into her neighbor's house, she unwittingly hides her next-door neighb

Bump Up BusinessChapter 16
WebtoonsYaoiShounen ai

not found...

Be Frank and StrictChapter 36
WebtoonsShounen aiDrama

not found...

SpellcrossChapter 49

When the threat of the Dungeons looms large in the land of Aria, adventurers rally to explore them in pursuit of fame and fortune. Young Caldwell is no different, but he faces one huge obstacle: where most everyone is able to cast spells in some form

Daily Life In TS SchoolChapter 12.5

At a boy's school where there are multiple students with OTMS constitutions that temporarily become female due to various reasons, commonly known as TS Gakuen, a childhood friend who was attending school together suddenly becomes a beautiful girl who

Heroine wa Zetsubou Shimashita.Chapter 103

“Ou no Saien” no Kishi to, “Yasai” no Ojou-samaChapter 11

Constantin de Arambourg, knight of the garden, is an overly serious knight who guards the king's kitchen garden. One day, he met a beautiful woman chasing a rabbit in the garden. When she caught the rabbit with her bare hands, she said: "I'll turn yo

Heilang: The Bride Of The Black WolfChapter 66

Heilang The Bride Of The Black Wolf, The bride of the black wolf manhua :Black wolf. A spirit being that protects the northern land and a black wolf who hunts for the wandering souls. he, who had no desire had but something he craves. A spirit medium

Ultimate SoldierChapter 210

Description : Nowadays, that Bird Star is under permanent siege. Only those who have a powerful guardian spirit, a "War Spirit", can change their fates and stand against 10,000 people. Juvenile Rogge's father had the strongest fighting spirit, but he

Baby EmpressChapter 87

Description : The child of a prophecy is born to save the world. "I need to get married to save people? I'll do the marriage!" The emperor is a young and innocent boy. But "I can't give you my daughter! She will not be becoming empress." My father in

Relationship Once DoneChapter 96

How about we have a dinner together today? We have already done once, can't we have it . Again?Juu-in On', who had a dream and pride as a jewelry designer, but from having her idea stolen to getting real estate fraud! She has lived in a life of misfo

Blend SChapter 91

At a certain cafe, there are many different people with unique attributes such as tsundere, little sister, etc. The new part time worker Maika has been asked by the shop owner to fill the role of super sadist?! Now, while doing her best to work hard,

San Yan Xiao Tian LuChapter 181

San Yan Xiao Tian Lu summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of San Yan Xiao Tian Lu. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Cheon Gi Dot ComChapter 46

Cheon Gi dot com is a triangle romance series."Two men love one woman", also known as triangle love, is typical, I say. Jun Hui Lee, the female main character, is hot blooded (extremely) and straight forward girl who does not like to fool around. Jun

Hololive - holoX MEETing!Chapter 9

The official Hololive manga! The story of the debut of the Secret Society holoX has finally been made into a manga! The Secret Society holoX is a super popular unit born from a VTuber group that is currently in the spotlight. How did these girls, who

Top CornerChapter 56

A maths genius' kickoff!

Cinderella CosplaytionChapter 5.5

Tsukiko, a woman in her twenties, and Hinata, a mysterious girl, meet through their common hobby of cosplay.Tsukiko quit cosplaying for unknown reasons, but still attends events to take photos, while Hinata is just entering this world. How will their

Tokimori-san ga Muboubi desu!!Chapter 14

Tokimari-san is Completely Defenseless!! manga, Tokimori-san ga Muboubi desu!!Tokimori-san is a beautiful and successful woman. But when she's off the job, she tends to be a bit absent-minded! Living together with the charming Tokimori-san always mak

The Princess of the AtticChapter 44

The Princess of the Attic manhwa, Attic princessI've lived in this little hell ever since I was born. for being the daughter of a gypsy who carries misfortune The Trump empire killed my innocent mother. The emperor, the temple, and the whole empire

Monster PrincessChapter 11

Read manhwa Monster Princess / The Monster Princess / I am the greatest.'I'm the best.'I am the best!'Superior lineage, superior ability, superior appearance, superior popularity.Arbella, who lived in her own world as a perfect princess, had a stran

Toaru Kagaku no Mental OutChapter 16.5

Nick & LeverChapter 4

The story of two foreign men living in Japan.(from ebookjapan):Nick, with his stylish hair, and Lever, with his dazzling eyes behind his sunglasses, are a HOT & CRAZY foreign duo who will face any obstacles that come their way! The genius Kyogoro

Space JuggernautChapter 15

Wanderer, imposing, somewhere in the vast void of space, Rendezvous awaits! The only space station built inside a living being, where the best scientists, warriors, explorers and engineers of the galaxy live.Follow the adventures of the Rendezvaj aga

A story about an elementary school student who wants to confess his feelings to his childhood friend while growing up beautifully each chapter.Chapter 12

A story about an elementary school student who wants to confess his feelings to his childhood friend while growing up beautifully each chapter. summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of A story about an ele

Since I’ve Entered the World of Romantic Comedy Manga, I’ll Do My Best to Make the Losing Heroine Happy.Chapter 4.2

Since I've Entered the World of Romantic Comedy Manga, I'll Do My Best to Make the Losing Heroine Happy manga,

The Strongest Female Masters, Who Are Trying to Raise Me Up, Are in Shambles Over Their Training PolicyChapter 6

The Strongest Female Masters Who Are Trying to Raise Me Up Are in Shambles Over Their Training Policy manga, Saikyou Onna Shishu-tachi ga Ikusei Houshin o Megutte ShurabaThere are three female masters who are known to be the strongest in the world. T

RankerChapter 18

, An online membership game run in secrecy. Kang Junseo coincidentally jumped into Ranker. Junseo from who knows when, started to see his opponents as monsters and it was his player, Jeongjun's voice that allowed him to find his calm again. With Jeon

Black-BoxChapter 42

Naruto: Sasuke’s Story—The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: The MangaChapter 8

Naruto: Sasuke's Story The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust The Manga , Naruto: Sasuke Retsuden Uchiha no Matsuei to Tenkyu no Hoshikuzu ,Naruto: / Naruto: Sasuke's Story The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust Uchiha Sasuke heads for an astronomical

My Boss is My Biggest Fan!Chapter 52

By day, Naeul Ju is an unassuming pushover at J&H Tab House. By night, she is Author Juna, a popular writer known for her web novel, Love Shot. No one knows about her secret double life except for her two closest friends. Hiding behind her taglines,

Villain UnrivaledChapter 45
ActionMartial arts

When I woke up, I discovered I had become the villain in the martial arts novel I wrote! But of all people, why does the body I possess belong to a damn villain?Hyuk Ryun Woon:The fourth son of the Demonic Cult's LeaderA nasty womanizerA martial arts

The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Gekijou Wide☆Chapter 277

An arrangement of comics released in the mobile game "[emailprotected] Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage." Part of (https://mangadex.org/?page=search&title=iDOLM%40STER) series.

The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A CatChapter 45

An old man was hit by a truck and found himself reincarnated as a cat.

The Girls I Couldn't Date BeforeChapter 3

I, Min Hyun-chan, died lonely after being pushed over by women all my life. But the goddess of sympathy and "pushovers," gives me a second chance! Will I be able to survive well in my restart in life, where I can survive only by having s** with girl

I Became The Strongest With The Failure FrameChapter 37.1HOT

During the school trip Touka and his classmates are summoned to another world.However, Touka was the only one with the lowest rank: E-rank an extremely low status compared to his classmates. Thus, the former mob-character and abandoned hero, will ab

Father, I Don’T Want To Get Married!Chapter 106HOT

I reincarnated as the Villainess In a novel I had read, Jubellian Eloy Floyen. I was doomed to die, but no! With the memories of my previous life, I will avoid my death flag! "I will not marry a man who has no honor, no family, no property, and no Po

Duke's Private TutorSeason 3 Chapter 70HOT

.Jace, an Academic Honours student, once had a very bright future! However, his life has gone downhill ever since he punched a noble classmate When he finally manages to get a chance to work as a private tutor The duke is so handsome that he cannot c

The Rise of the Unemployed Wise ManChapter 117

Karna was a boy that was given the title of "Sage" from heaven, is scouted by the hero party that had great expectations for his skills.However, his skill "necromancer" was creepy and he was immediately exiled.Karna, who got lost on the road without

GigantisChapter 8

Omega Complex(Yaoi)Chapter 37HOT

"I Hate Omega" Tae Gyeom who was anggered by unintentionally omega pheromones after he was manifested as a dominant alpha, he avoids omega and relies on his childhood friend Yoon Woon. Meantime after avoiding Tae gyeom for five years, Yoon Woo sudden

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