Kill My Love
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I Reincarnated As The Crazed Heir
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The Return Of The Crazy Demon
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Dead Life
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Princess’s Doll Shop
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"There is this small thing I want to do, but I need to leave the palace.""Leave the palace, you say?" asked Deon nervously.Somehow, he displayed a bigger reaction to her leaving the palace compared to when Kathia asked for a country before.Kathia, bl

Kanojyo to Himitsu to Koimoyou
Views: 8,613

A yuri comedy between two girls who seem different but are actually quite similar, each with a secret of her own.

Every Rose Has A Death Flag: Life is But A Flower
Views: 7,678

In her previous life, Camilla Florentine pirated the cheesiest otome game ever. Now she's living a real version with real consequences. As the prince's wicked fiance, Camilla is destined to die within a year of becoming queen unless the prince marri

The Way My Two Adopted Sons Look At Me Isn’t Quite Right
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Chief Of The Novice Village
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Tai Paer, who's profession, a necromancer, is considered to be one that make it difficult to live a normal life. As such, he was going to be burned alive by the townsfolk, but is miraculously saved by the system, which is searching for people that fi

To a New Life
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Humanity's strongest regression action fantasy."Even if the disgusting gods did it, they still gave the opportunity. if you want to wedge you have to kill them".Zephir, the last survivior of mankind. The lonely battle with demon lord ended id defeat,

Before the Footprints Melt
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Everyone has their own life story. But many people can not forget the events that have happened in their life, be it pleasant or painful event. People with diverse life stories meet and create new stories that they have never experience before.

Daehyun's Laundry~ I wash everything~
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Police officer Ma Youngtae's first post is in the rural countryside where he gets a rude awakening when he realizes he won't be able to continue his promiscuous life. No matter where he looks, it's all grandmas and grandpas. The only person in his ag

Please Eat Without Hesitation
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Hanna, a Chef of a famous restaurant in London was one of the bomb terror victims. When she woke up, she became Choi Songyi, the daughter of a minister war affairs of the Joseon Kingdom. The Crown Prince of the Joseon kingdom, Lee Pyo has a extraordi

The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer
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Just because I criticized a novel doesn't mean you have to make me into the supporting character Amelie, who died from the start, becoming the trauma and trigger of the heroine.I'm scared. I don't want to die. I don't want to be harassed.Let's run aw

Sabbath Cafe
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There's a new student at St. George International School, and soon he becomes one of the most talked-about students. Even though it's an international school in Tokyo, Japan, the new student (Yonogi Dai) is a Japanese boy. Dai was raised in the US an

Nanairo Inko
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Rainbow Parakeet is a genius actor and a fantastic mimic, but also a thief. He can act out any role to the best of his abilities, while robbing the richest members of the audience during his performances. His methods are a mystery, even to the detect

Dog Man
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Official Chinese

We’re Soulmates Starting From Today
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Rising stars and longtime childhood friends, "So Dakyung" and "Ji Minwoo." The scandalous open business relationship' is rapidly evolving to marriage'! But somewhere in this whole marriage, is something a little suspicious. "Before the summer you tur

The Last Ji Soo
Views: 11,529

Our protagonist, Yang Ji Soo, dreams of becoming an author. Once day, playboy Hae Sung, famous for only dating girls named Ji Soo,' approaches her. Although she's already dating Do Hyuk and feels uncomfortable with Hae Sung's approaches, something bo

Sarang and Pyeonggang’s Ondal
Views: 3,257

High School Teacher, Park Sarang, has a very important mission to do even if it means devoting her entire life. She has to find 'Ondal', the true fated partner of her cousin Pyeonggang (Princess Pyeonggang in her previous life)! But when she's busy s

Detective VLOG
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Rong Xiaoqiang is a photographer of a vlog team that specializes in shooting haunted events. The team is nameless and creates gimmicks through fraud. However, he got a DV player that could shoot ghosts, and what was captured in the viewfinder became

Throne Of The Dragon King
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Your Talent is Mine
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Kyouka Ningen Monogatari - MAD WANG 1160
Views: 8,436

MAD WANG 1160 takes place in the year Universal Century 1160, some 1072 years after the events of the Kyouka Ningen Monogatari - Another Z Gundam Story. The three main characters, Shiva Yips, Decoder S. Wallenstein and Mell Mekanika awake from cold s

The Return of the 8th Class Magician
Views: 3,846

"Huh? I have to go to the Wizard's Apartment?"Rangse Enna, an ordinary lady who become minister of foreign affairs. Due to the redevelopment of the civil servants apartment, she has to live in an apartment dedicated to wizards.Wizards that have zero

In Our Sect, I’M The Only One That’S Trash
Views: 12,005

The world's greatest sect's sect leader, Mo Shangchuan, failing to survive a robbery, was reincarnated into the body of a thrown-away child. And this child was actually black as heck! Yet, this wasn't bad enough. Even worse, they were taken by a Nine

I Am the Strongest in History
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Houkai Gakuen 4-Koma
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Attack Of Heaven
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Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor
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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Re
Views: 15,751

The "definitive" version of the Code Geass manga. Set when Lelouch and Suzuku begin the Zero Requiem Plan.

Dragon Master
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On this continent, all creatures had a chance of evolving into dragons. It was said that every life had their own Dragon Gates. After crossing it, they'd become like the sun and moon in the sky, dazzling gloriously. That also applied to humans. Human