To possess the Heavenly BodyChapter 21

Both the immortal emperor Xia Guixuan's generation and his old nemesis were injured, so he withdrew to the core of a distant planet in the universe to recover his wounds. The fairy spirit flowing from him gradually modified the planet's atmosphere, a

A Sword’s Evolution Begins From KillingChapter 12

Ye Fan was reborn as a strange sword with its own upgrade system. Ye Fan has been continuously upgraded through the killing experience of the sword masters of the past dynasties, and has become an evil sword that everyone in another world competes fo

It Feels Wrong To Bite SomeoneChapter 48

WHAT?! Must I do bad things to become stronger?! This system is an evil system?Why does it want me to become a bad person? I just want to live life of a good person!mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. W

A manhua artist’s survival guideChapter 10

Snow, a failing comic artist whose comic is about to be discontinued, reincarnates into his own comic by chance. In his comic, the Pante Continent is on the verge of ruin due to the expansion of the Demon King's army, resulting in Snow being in dange

Demon King’s Cheat SystemChapter 4

One day, countless dungeons suddenly appeared in the world, and human beings ushered in the "dungeon era". The boss of the abyss-rank dungeon, Adesalai, was killed by human players using despicable means. Unwilling, he was reincarnated in a weak and

Grinding Inside The MirrorChapter 2

My name is Feng Yun. No cultivation resources, penniless? It doesn't matter, I have a mirror, as long as it shines, whether you are human or beast, whether you are dead or alive, all things are projected out. What martial arts techniques, what heaven

ContenderChapter 5

The powers Lin, Bing Dou, Zhe, Jie, Zhen, Lie, Qian and Xing make up the Nine Arts Mantra, bearing nine different indomitable powers. Upon nearing his demise, Ye Xuan used the powers of the Nine Arts Mantra to resurrect himself, thus draining the pow