.In this wholesome, heartwarming tale, a lonely older man takes home a pet-shop kitten that no one else wants. It doesn't take long for the pair to warm up to each other, and soon, they're inseparable. Told through the eyes of both the man and his ca

Nyanta to Pomeko ~Imasara Shinjiteiru to Iwarete mo Mouteokureda~Chapter 11

ENThis is a love story of a man and a woman who doesn't believe in anyone .The popular psychological betrayal web novel finally gets a manga adaptation!


.When Taichi regained consciousness, he found himself in an unfamiliar room with his limbs bound. He was camping alone when he witnessed a murder scene and was confined by the killer. The story of the masked murderer and the Kansai man's twisted coha

The Story of a Manga Artist Confined by a Strange High School GirlChapter 49

ENOne day, a manga artist woke up to find himself confined by a high school girl.Author's Twitter: https://twitter.com/R_kitada

Konyaku Haki sareta Reijou wo Hirotta Ore ga, Ikenai Koto wo Oshiekomu: Oishii Mono wo Tabesasete Oshare wo Sasete, Sekaiichi Shiawase na Shoujo ni Produce!Chapter 25

Deep in the forest lives Allen, a misanthropic wizard. He is called "Demon Lord" and feared by those around him.One day, while living out his life as a hermit, he finds a young girl named Charlotte who collapsed in the forest. Although innocent, she

Musume ja Nakute Mama ga Suki nano!?Chapter 14.1

This is a romantic comedy starring an adult 30 year old woman named Ayako who is confessed to by a man 10 years her junior, 20 year old college student Takumi... A man she knows as the boy "Takkun" who lives next door and who has tutored her adopted

Disney Twisted-Wonderland the Comic: Episode of HeartslabyulChapter 21HOT

Extra:Disney Twisted-Wonderland the Comic: Episode of Heartslabyul is based off Disney's mobile game Twisted-Wonderland, which reimagines classical Disney villains in a magic school setting.Publishers:GFantasy (magazine)

Tensei shitara Dainana Ouji Datta node, Kimama ni Majutsu wo KiwamemasuChapter 79.5

A magic nerd's life came to an end after a dreadful encounter with the nobles who ended his life with a powerful spell. His last wish, being able to study and master more magic, has been answered when he was reincarnated as Lloyd de Saloom, the 7th p

Nukitashi - nuki ge mitaina shima ni sun deru watashi wa dou surya iidesu ka?Chapter 3

Indigo island is a place like no other, to deter emigration and attract tourism they have become the 'sex' destination as residents are punished if they are not have having frequent sex! On this crazy island, Hitori Misaki is still at school and one

Kimetsu GakuenExtra. : Credit to @nzknist for the chapters

Shitsuji ga Megane wo HazusuyoruChapter 5

ENFrom Good Girls Scan BL:Kounosuke is the son of the Sumeragi industrial group and is a playboy. Hitsuji, the head butler, always chastises him for his bad attitude. Wanting to exact revenge on his strict and handsome butler, Kounosuke slips aphrodi

Nana to Kaoru: Last YearChapter 31

The Fairytale-like You Goes On The AssaultChapter 27

ENKagari, an ephemeral beauty, reunites with her older childhood friend, Nana-kun, and begins her romantic assault on him.Author's Twitter: https://twitter.com/teigi_3

Kiraware Yuusha wo Enjita Ore wa, Naze ka Last Boss ni Sukarete Issho ni Seikatsu Shitemasu!Chapter 4

ENThe hero Ares was about to fight the final battle for the fate of the world.However, the three party members who became his friends on the trip said, "I can't follow you anymore!" Yes, he was hated by all the party members. Their patience had run o

KIMI TO NATSU NO NAKAChapter 5.5 : official translation
DramaRomanceShounen ai

Sequel to Kimi wa Natsu no Naka

Dore ga Koi Ka ga WakaranaiChapter 13

IDMei, seorang gadis yang pernah merasakan pahitnya cinta yang telah direbut oleh suatu cowok pada saat kelulusan SMA, mencoba berusaha untuk menggaet cewek di Universitas. Namun, dalam kehidupan di kampusnya, dia tidak hanya didekati oleh 1 cewek, t

Yatarato Sasshi no Ii Ore wa, Dokuzetsu Kuudere Bishoujo no Chiisana Dere mo Minogasazu ni Guigui IkuChapter 7

ENKoyuki Shirogane, a girl known for her beauty and equally harsh tone, giving her the nickname "Venomous Snow White," is saved by Naoya Sasahara as a man tried to hit on her. She may try to act strong, but on the inside, she is merely a young girl.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime ( Fan Colored)Chapter 90

ENThis is the fan colored version of Manga Adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

Genshin: Dengeki Comic AnthologyChapter 9

An of stories set in the world of the game Genshin Impact.

Juouheika to Sunakaburi no HanayomeChapter 3
Ochikobore kuni o deru ~ jitsuwa sekai de 4 hitome no fuyo-jutsu-shidatta kudan ni tsuite ~Chapter 11

ENHaving lived a useless 30 years of his life, the main character (Saito Jinkuro) is hit by a truck. When he wakes up, he enters the body of "Dzink Norland", the 14-year-old son of an aristocrat who served as his Highness' escort. But due to the lack

Koi to Sex wa Touch Up no Nochi de Kokoro mo Karada mo Kokoroyoku Shite AgeruChapter 6

ENShizuka, a shy office lady, was invited by a colleague at the company to go to a joint party, but she felt suffocated by the glittering atmosphere around her."I'm always dull and have an equally dull self who always wants to help people."I wanted t


One day, just before entering high school, Kindaichi Saki collides with a strange girl of the same year on the way to a piano lesson and grazes her hand, but the musical score she dropped is silently picked up and returned to her by the strange girl.

A Yuri Manga That Starts With Getting Rejected in a DreamChapter 13

ENTsukushi has a dream about getting rejected by her friend Hinoka. Things get awkward and gay.


It was just an ordinary day at Yami High..until it wasn't. A ringing cell phone and the splatter of blood marked the beginning of a deadly game. The rules: Contractor Mikiya has thirty days to curse-kill...

The Hero Who Has No Class.Chapter 35

"Classes" are given at the age of 10, and the presence or absence of "skills" greatly affect life. Arel, the son of "Sword Princess" Fara and "Magic King" Leon, has been branded as "Classless"... But even without a job or skills, Arel believes he can

Since I became a decoration queen, I decided to go to work secretly- I'm not lonely sleeping alone because there is a rabbit!~Chapter 8.3

ENBecause I'm a decoration wife anyway ... I'm a waitress during the day, and I dote on a fluffy rabbit during the night! Loisline, she is married to Sieghard, the King of Rubeira for half a year and, without being touched during that time, she ended

Fukushuu no KyoukashoChapter 7

Yotarou Kurose dreams of becoming a teacher, looks up to his homeroom teacher Shiratori-sensei and is subject to gruesome bullying. One day, fearing their actions have been exposed the bullies tell Kurose on the rooftop, "Before we get found out, why

Reborn Girl Starting a New Life in Another World as a Seventh DaughterChapter 18

ENMyria Kanami's high school life was disastrous. Having an awful father, no friends, and spending her days working part-time summed up her daily routine... But one day, she gets into an accident that takes her life! However, she opens her eyes again

Romance Debut!!Chapter 0.5

Yuzuki had a quiet, dull junior high school life. However, now he's finally made his "debut" upon entering high school. With his new hair, clothes, and attitude, he was able to join the popular group of students, but for some reason, it's his dull cl

Hitozuma to JKChapter 5

Extra:Hitozuma to JK is based on a web manga released on the author's pixiv account on April 30, 2019.Publishers:Comic Valkyrie (magazine)

Dropped Into Another World... @comicChapter 11

One day, a dull young man from Japan gets caught up in a heroic summoning and goes to another world. The next time he wakes up, he's not in a castle with a king, but in a deep forest since the summoning failed! You'd think he'd be at a loss, but he s

Oppai Momitai~tte Sakendara, Imouto no Tomodachi to Tsukiau Koto ni NarimashitaChapter 4

IDKetika aku berteriak mengeluh ingin meremas dada, teman adikku menjadi pacarku."Aku ingin meremas dada!!!"Jawaban dari permintaannya tersebut adalah gadis malaikat bernam Miko-chan."Jika aku mengizinkanmu menyentuh dadaku, maukah kau pacaran dengan

Dekinai FutariChapter 19.6

ENNao Shirafuji and Takahito Kurose are coworkers and fierce rivals, competing for top sales every month. They might fight like cats and dogs at work, but they were actually lovers in high school! The cause of their breakup was a hurtful sentence he

HirayasumiChapter 38

EN29-year-old freeter Ikuta Hiroto is a carefree young man without a love life, regular job, or any real worries about the future. He inherits an old house from the neighbourhood granny, where his 18-year-old cousin, Natsumi moves in with him to stud

A Woman Who Will Mess Up Your EmotionsChapter 14
Mabarai-san Hunt Me DownChapter 16

ENMy hobbies are shopping and searching for sweets.The rest- kill the vampires.One day the girl who transferred to my school froze the class with her shocking self-introduction.She dyes my gray high school life bright red.A unique youth romantic come

Senpai wa OtokonokoChapter 100.7

The story of a crossdresser who receives a confession from a junior.

Aragae! Dark Elf-chanChapter 26HOT

ENA dark elf who was rampaging on the continent was defeated by the stoic swordsman Crow. She was prepared to die, but for some reason, Crow suddenly decided to bring her home and look after her... ?!

Tokoshie × Bullet - Shin Minato Koubou-senChapter 11

English:In this story, unidentified giant weapons will destroy the world's metropolises in 2029. The masterminds of this unprecedented destruction are known as "Tokoshie". They call themselves weapons when they go out on the streets of the cities wit

Moto Kizoku Reijou de Mikon no Haha desu ga Musume-tachi ga Kawaisugite Boukenshagyou mo Ku ni Narimasen @comicChapter 9.2

A world where monsters run rampant. A noblewoman falls from grace and loses everything after being falsely accused. But, she started a fresh life as an "Immortal." She became an adventurer capable of defeating disaster-rank monsters and taking the he