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Glamorous Gathering Takahashi

γŽγ‚…γŽγ‚…γ£γ¨ι«˜ζ©‹ ; 高ζ‘₯ι­…ζƒ‘δΉ‹ε€œ ; ι«˜ζ©‹ι­…ζƒ‘δΉ‹ε€œ ; Gyugyutto Takahashi ;Gyugyu tto Takahashi


Videogames x Showa Culture x Glamour! A voluptuous and fascinating book for those that enjoy the Showa Era and playing video games! A large collection of stories, published in Harta by Benitsubaki's author, Takahashi Hirona, all in one volume!Two glamorous folk tales, including "Glamorous-suteyama", a glamorous rearrangement of the Ubasuteyama legend!When a witch fostering a planet sprays it with some water, torrential rains begin to pour from above in "My first planet""Shiramari" is a super idol whose singing voice makes people so happy they could die!And of course, the series of 16 shorts "It's okay to play games", the antithesis of being given a cold look while you're playing video games!Full of bright, fantastical ideas, all these gems from Harta's new wave, Takahashi Hirona, in a single volume!