Hana Ni Arashi

After the Storm ; 燃烧一瞬间 ; 花にアラシ ; 花样岚 ; 꽃의 폭풍 ; Flower in a Storm ; Fureru Ondo ; Jigoku Kokyuu no Hitsuyou ; Sono Ato No Arashi

Authors : Takagi Shigeyoshi

Status : Completed

Genres : Action , Adult , Comedy , Cooking , Drama , Romance , School life , Shoujo

Chapters: 115

Last update: 10 days ago

4.5 /5 (49 votes)

Even though her body has an unusual ability, Kunimi Riko is still (trying to be) a normal high school girl. One day, a guy suddenly comes to see her. He"s Tachibana Ran, the heir of the world-leading super-millionaire Tachibana family! A high tension romance between Ran, who suddenly proposed, and Riko, who turned him down.Extra:- Jigoku Kokyuu no Hitsuyou (Vol.1)Kiyoharu was trying to nap when a girl kissed him because she thought he was dead. He later learns that Touko, the girl, is always kissing someone in response to not being able to breathe and feeling suffocated.- Fureru Ondo (Vol.2)Kashuu hates being touched because of his past experiences. He will only let Sayuri-sensei, the biology teacher, treat his wounds. To him, Sayuri-sensei's touch is precise and practical without bring up bad memories

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Hana Ni Arashi