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Marronnier Farm Near By The Imperial Palace

Marronnier Farm Next to the Imperial Palace / 宮殿の隣のマロニエ農場 / 皇宮裡的馬洛尼埃農場 / 황제궁 옆 마로니에 농장

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Romance

Chapters: 65

Last update: 6 days ago


Marronnier Farm Near By The Imperial / The land that my grandfather invested in the old days won the new palace site!Grandfather, who is looking for a "salvation" with a "salvation", sends his granddaughter Hazel, who is a dream of farming, to the Imperial Palace."You could never be kicked out and hold on."The young emperor who wanted a magnificent imperial palace that was worthy of great achievements will be the new neighbor of the day."What's that smell?""I smell the manure, Your Majesty."The story of a small farm in the middle of a gardenMaronier Farm by the Imperial Palace next to the vulcanized palace to conquer the social circles of the empire.