Mind-Reading Princess

Du Xin Kuang Fei Ging Tian Xia , Permaisuri pembaca pikiran, Reading Heart Mad Concubine, Đọc Tâm Cuồng Phi Khuynh Thiên Hạ , 读心狂妃倾天下

Authors : Mifengpink

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 171

Last update: 2 days ago

4.4 /5 (488 votes)

Used, betrayed, and tortured by her husband and sister, she died in despair, wondering why she couldn't have seen though them earlier? Maybe God heard her question and turned back the clock. She woke up on the morning of her wedding and found herself able to read people's mind. However, there's this Prince who's immune to her ability. What is he thinking? Will he undermine her revenging plan? No worries, she's got the rest of her life as his wife to figure this man out


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Mind-Reading Princess