Our Pure and Ambiguous Romance


Authors : Big Bear Company

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Harem

Chapters: 152

Last update: a day ago

4.3 /5 (26 votes)

Yang Ming was just another ordinary high school student who always got himself involved in fights, skipped classes, and often cheated during exams. His academic score was terribly disappointing and his hopes of securing a college entrance exam were dim. He was secretly in love with the prettiest girl in school but did not dare to confess to her. During an incident, Yang Ming was able to obtain a pair of supernatural contact lenses that allowed him to extend his vision like a high-definition telescope. Moreover, the lenses also allowed him to see through objects! More importantly, the lenses allowed Yang Ming to read people's minds and he was eventually accepted as the disciple of Fang Tian, the Legendary Hitman...


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Our Pure and Ambiguous Romance