Qingmei Huacao Cha (Green Plum Blossom Tea)

Green Plum Blossom Tea; Green Plum Flower and Herbal Tea; Green Plum Herbal Tea; Qīngméi Huācǎo Chá; The Plums Perfect Chemistry; The Straight Girl's Perfect Match; 青梅花草茶

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Romance , School life , Shoujo ai , Yuri

Chapters: 11

Last update: 5 days ago

4.3 /5 (26 votes)

Good girl Gugu meets cheerful girl Xingxing. Xingxing is everything Gugu wants to be she has friends, youthfulness, dreams, and happiness. The meticulous Gugu sets out a long-term plan to reach out to Xingxing, but it seems that she doesn't have to go to all that trouble Is Xingxing also reaching out to her?Original Manhua:,,


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Qingmei Huacao Cha (Green Plum Blossom Tea)