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The Duke and The Fox Princess

대공가의 여우 황녀님

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Manhwa , Romance

Chapters: 41

Last update: 15 hours ago


Read manhwa The Duke and The Fox Princess / Nobility, dazzling appearance, and talent unparalleled. She had met all the conditions for the life of a princess. She could not be humbled as she walked the royal path. I'm being selfish? So what? She lived her life without caring about what others had thought of her. "Look at this white fur. It's like a snowball. It's fluffy." Have you no shame?! You dare touch me?! No matter how much she yelled, her maids stood dazed. Princess Eristella, an archmage of unprecented abilities, was cursed and turned into a small fox. It wasn't so bad for the princess to be showered with affection by her dukedom. The same people who used to grit their teeth. "Eristella"