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Marquis Calix Adrian, chief of security for the Elak Empire and head of the separate unit 'Vesper', arrived at the place after hearing the intelligence and saw dead bodies bleeding and bathed in the light of a pure white full moon. They discover Aran Pavel, who radiates mysterious power."I command you to be my guardian."For some reason, Calix couldn't go against Aran's words, and Aran collapsed, leaving only mysterious words behind, and lost all memories of the incident! In this chaotic situation, Calix lets Aran stay in his mansion under the pretext of recovery and monitors him. One day, Aran feels thirsty as if his whole body is burning, and he begins to cling to Calix, who comes to see him... "Please help me, my thirst won't go away. Marquis, please kiss me."Aran Pavel, the mysterious man, what truth is he hiding?! An unquenchable passionate desire and love begins!+