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With My Netherworld Trillions, Game On!

Bắt Đầu Với Trăm Vạn Minh Tệ Global Horror: Start With Trillions of Coins It All Starts With Trillions of Nether Currency Kaiju Wan Yi Ming Bi Kāijú Wàn Yì Míng Bì Trillions of Coins at the Start ゴーストマスターは億万長者 全球惊悚:开局万亿冥币 开局万亿冥币

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Webtoons , Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Chapters: 45

Last update: 2 days ago


Lin Yu accidentally awakened a "Rich System" that distributes money every day. But the money which issued by the system is actually usable underworld currency! A few years later, the accumulation of underworld currency reached the trillion level, and suddenly terror revived, and horror games descended to the world. Only by becoming a ghost master can you have a chance of survival! Others are still frightened to curry favor with the ghost, but Lin Yu, relying on his identity as a g**, pushes the vacation in the horror dungeon! Money can really change someone even ghost is no different!+