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Chapter 20
ActionAdultAdventureBLCartoonComedyComicHaremMangaManhuaManhwaMartial artsSoft YaoiYaoi

Chapter 138
ActionAdultAnimeBLCartoonComicDramaShoujoShoujo aiShounenShounen aiSoft YaoiYaoi

Chapter 22
ActionAdultBLCartoonComedyMatureShounen aiSlice of lifeYaoi

Chapter 15
ActionAdaptationAdultAdventureAnimeBLCartoonManhuaShoujoShoujo aiShounenYaoi

This is a world where only [animals] live. Mu Wei, the lion who is known as the boss of the campus, fell in love with the rabbit Bai Li. He always looks majestic at school. When facing Bai Li, he will become super shy. This is the jouney make little rabbit fall in love with a big cat.